: There are various (nasty) methods Metatrader Forex Brokers can silently steal your money! They could even do it on every single trade you take! Brokers have the ability and technology to cheat you day by day- even without you knowing. The catch is- that you are loosing real money right out of your pocket.




Anti-Broker-Cheat weapon! Track and analyze in-depth metrics from your broker and your feed.


Best MT4 broker Analytics! Monitor your forex brokers execution quality and slippage to save money.


Easy +  fast + cheap price! Set-up and running in 2 minutes flat! For beginners and pro´s.


Spread,  Slippage, Ping, Execution and Latency! Pure MT4 Broker analytics and monitoring- done right!


We developed the best complete and affordable software package to let you uncover MT4 broker cheat methods. More importantly you now have a solution to stop your broker playing tricks at you.

myBrokerStats is the all-in-one simple and affordable solution to avoid forex brokers cheating you- for just about 2.25 € per day week. Get up to the minute analytics and live-monitor your broker every day, week by week. Helping you to save countless pips= more money in your pocket!



(1) Slippage Analysis- Is Your Broker Cheating You?
Advanced and easy to use slippage analytics

This alone can make a difference between winning and losing trades!

If your broker is playing tricks at you- GET HIM!

Sadly this is very common and can cost you big $$$. Get our tools to stop it!

Number of total analyzed orders

Shows how much orders where processed and their statistics.

Highest Slippage in pips (the bad)

Exposes your all-time highest received slippage

Lowest Slippage in Pips (the good)

Shows the lowest slippage ever received

Average Slippage from all orders in Pips

This is your statistical estimate on every order with this broker

Exact Time and Date of highest

Exactly analyze when the highest slippage is received Signup NOW!

Exact time and date of lowest

Get to know the lowest slippage foot-prints of your broker

(2) Reveals Your Ping Times- In Exact Milliseconds


Continuous pinging of your MT4 broker

We will monitor your brokers ping times

Very helpful to fix problems and/or order issues

Shows if your scalping robots may need a different setup

Displays Latency in milliseconds

We provide highest precision for all of your metrics!

Compare ping-time vs. execution speed

This will reveal your brokers real “order-flow-latency”

Detailed Statistics and Charts

Beside your general dashboard you have access to all kinds of in-depth analytics

Easy to use and fully integrated

Setup and running within 2 minutes flat!
Signup NOW!

(3) Spread Checker- Is Your Broker Into Stop Hunting?


Full and detailed spread analysis of your broker

Analyze pairs, custom times, high, low,.. and much more

Check all metrics of sudden spread widening

Ever seen spread widening.. so fast almost not visible? It´s all in your dashboard!!

Displays highest recorded spread

Shows your highest absolute spread received by your broker

Shows lowest spread ever recorded

Also nice to know your brokers lowest spread, right?

Calculates your average spread

This is the statistical spread figure you can expect from your broker

Calculates average spread per time-frame

Of course you can switch and customize time-frames to analyze specific periods

Exact time and date of highest recorded spread

Let you know when that high spread has happened

Exact time and date of lowest recorded spread

Let you know when that lowest spread has happened

Easy usage and graphical display (web and MT4)

Both, our software suite and the chart dashboard was designed to be as simple -yet powerful- as possible Signup NOW!

(4) Latency Monitoring- Order Execution Exposed


How long your orders need to get executed?

Is your broker playing tricks on execution speed? Have it recorded!

Get an in-depth view on your execution times!

Zoom in to a specific day, or even get long-time historical charts with all metrics needed

Analysis of execution time in milliseconds

Super efficient code structure enables highest possible precision

Compare execution time with ping times

This can help to determine if your brokers server is the bottleneck on your order execution

Shows your highest recorded execution time

Highest read of your brokers order execution time in milliseconds

Shows the lowest recorded execution time

Lowest read of your brokers order execution time in milliseconds

Shows the average execution time of all orders

The statistical measure you can expect on your brokers order execution speed

Displays amount of analyzed orders

Shows by how many processed orders the statistics where built of

Full analytics on web + quick-view directly in MT4

In MT4 space is limited- but a quick snapshot is available directly on MT4 screen Signup NOW!

Get exact time and date of highest recorded latency

Want to know when such high latency occurred? Have it recorded!

Compare execution times over different time-frames

Of course you can zoom in and out to analyze specific times or dates

Get exact time and date of lowest recorded latency

Shows the lowest latency for the given period

Recognize network changes or problems quickly

Are your brokers servers clogging up? Be among the first ones to know it!

Is your broker tempering with the order speed?

If your execution times are suddenly spiking up.. have it recorded!

Get your all-in-one solution now and save money!

Our solution is super affordable.. and adds more money and knowledge to your bottom-line!

Shows the average execution time of all orders

Get a statistical feeling on expected execution times for your broker

Safe to use! No account- and no ftp access!

Our well designed software suite will not have access to your account data!
In addition your web-dashboard is secured and made private to only you.

Get exact time and date of highest recorded latency

Displays exact metrics of your highest latency readings

2 Minute Setup- Easy and Fast! Sign Up NOW




  • Access to all and every analytics including future additions
  • Your personal copy of the myBrokerStats EA
  • Comprehensive analysis about your brokers orders and data feed
  • Precise measurement of all relevant metrics
  • Unlimited access to reports, charts, analytics as per your membership
  • Priority support with interactive answering and ticket system
  • Fully fledged members-area to view and manage your Stats
  • Your personal dashboards and statistics area (secured from public)
  • Get newest features, functionalities and improvements free of charge
  • Super affordable low prices!
  • Just 2,19€ per week, that’s a cup of coffee!

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